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Best Canadian Travel Insurance Credit Card

If you plan to travel in or within Canada, you need to carry an account on your credit card that has the appropriate type of travel insurance that can deal with unexpected bills and emergencies.

Credit cards that come with travel insurance will help safeguard your financial assets if you’re dealing with a stolen suitcase or trip is canceled for reasons beyond your control, vandalized rental cars, or health issues.

All credit cards offering travel insurance are created equal. In this post, I’ve spent the time listing the 10 top Canadian traveler’s insurance cards and their policy limits.

Choosing A Credit Card With Travel Insurance

If you are looking for the perfect credit card for travel insurance, make sure that the policy, rewards, and charges be your top priorities. In this way, you’ll find a card that will work effectively with many inclusive plans to help you with travelers to and from Canada. If you are looking for the top 10 travel insurance credit cards, the following tips are worth considering.

What Insurance Services Do You Need?

Trip cancellation insurance, trip delay insurance, and primary insurance for rental cars are the most important things for some customers. Consider whether you could benefit from other benefits, such as health insurance for emergencies or roadside assistance for travel.

Read The Terms And Compare Reward Policies

Once you’ve decided on travel protection, you’ll likely require studying every credit card’s conditions and terms and compare rewards policies. For instance, some cards offer only insurance for car rentals during rental times within Canada.

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Choose A Suitable One That Fits Your Taste And Pocket

There are various choices to choose from when choosing the best traveling insurance credit, and all of them are suitable based on the kind of coverage you’re seeking.

Best 10 Canadian Travel Insurance Credit Card

Best Canadian Travel Insurance Credit Card

Brim World Elite Mastercard

The Card offers the most comprehensive coverage of 15 days greater than another Canadian credit card that offers travel insurance. It also provides unique insurance options, such as mobile device insurance or cancellation of event tickets.

You could earn an additional 2% on your first $25,000 worth of purchases. After you’ve reached the limit and you’ve reached it, you’ll get an unlimited cashback of 1% on everything you purchase.

Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card

It gives you 20,000 “scene” points for spending $1000 within the initial three months. Additionally, you can earn 10000 additional points each year after spending more than 40,000.

It’s acceptable and ideal for travel delay and cancellation insurance. It also offers $500 per insured individual towards costs following a 4-hour delay.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

This incredibly flexible reward credit card comes with the highest-quality reward multipliers in various spending categories, such as food, restaurants, entertainment, gas, and transportation.

There is no fee for foreign transactions. It also has a powerful way to reward points for cardholders. Customers can enjoy the essential cost of one scene and issues for each dollar they spend.

Bank of Montreal Rewards Credit Card

The BMO provides medical emergency coverage that can go up to $2,000,000. Also included are policies for car rental insurance, trip cancellation/interruption, lost or damaged luggage.

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Every Canadian tourist requires medical emergency coverage because Canadian Public Health Insurance isn’t applicable outside of Canada. The Canadian Government cannot reimburse medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness which you have suffered in another country.

The Maryland Bank National Association Reward Platinum Plus Mastercard

It’s an excellent choice for those wanting to skip paying an annual fee while still seeking some coverage for travel insurance.

The coverage extends to mobile devices, travel-related accident insurance, sudden return home coverage, rental vehicle accident coverage, and much more. MasterCard Travel offers you rewards when you sign up for your Card, and you’ll also receive special offers when you dine and shop with MasterCard partners across the globe.

The Platinum Card is a product of American Express.

With an annual cost of $699, The platinum card allows you to travel stress-free with top-quality advantages, benefits, and insurance protection.

There is also the possibility of earning 3X points on eligible dining and take Out purchases, 2X the points for the trebles that qualify, and 1X points for everything else you purchase.

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card

With a one-year annual cost of $1420 and rewards up to $1250, This Card assures purchases made with the Card. The Card provides benefits for VIPs for those traveling to Air Canada flights plus excellent travel insurance.

Desjardins Odyssey World Elite Mastercard

The offer for the first year is priced at $320. The net value is $632. Rewards are earned according to purchases. Purchases can be made within six categories: groceries, Gas/Transit, Meals, bills, travel, and other items.

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National Bank’s World Elite Mastercard

This is the top credit card issued by NBC (National Bank of Canada). It comes with one of the complete purchases and travel credit card insurance options. It allows you to travel up to $250 annually and unlimited access to the National Bank Lounge at Montreal-Trudeau airport. Many credit card insurance policies will end emergency medical insurance once you reach 65. However, this National Bank World Elite Mastercard offers fifteen days of protection until 75.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Adventura VISA infinite Card

With a welcome reward worth $1250 and a first-year annual fee reduction, CIBC gives a Priority Pass membership, four complimentary yearly trips to the airport, and lounges valued at $1300. It provides exceptional services.


There are a variety of travel insurance credit cards available in Canada; however, the ones I’ve mentioned offer top-quality insurance backed by excellent offers that improve Card’s quality. They also enjoy high patronage levels from Canadians who travel to or in Canada.

To be eligible for coverage on any subscriber, your account must be in good order, and a part of the total cost of the ticket has to be paid by credit card.

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