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Canadian 2022 Immigration Forecast

It’s the beginning of a new year, and we’re able to say that 2021 was an incredible year for immigration, and the trend doesn’t appear to slow down shortly as the Canadian 2022 Immigration Forecast will be on a new wave.

2022’s immigration policy is being scrutinized since it is revealed that the Canadian government has pledged to boost its immigration goals to welcome greater than 1.2 million newcomers over the next few years. It is essential to look ahead and be aware of what’s to come for those who might be interested in the coming year.

Canadian 2022 Immigration Forecast

Canadian 2022 Immigration Forecast

The multi-year plan for levels sets one of the most ambitious targets for immigration every October; Minister for the immigration of Canada Marco Mendicino reported other multi-year plans that could see Canada welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. This is the most significant amount of newly arrived Canadians ever.

Immigration to Canada was halted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus, which is why the government set ambitious targets for the calendar year (2021) to aid in economic recovery and compensate for the low numbers of immigrants.

  1. Thanks to the Express Entry, a more significant number of ITAs will be issued than ever before.

Regardless of the travel restrictions and the various challenges this year’s draw brought the country, this year was the most record-breaking year of the Canadian Express Entry system. In the three draws that we have held, we’ve seen more requests to be considered for Canadian residence than we have ever seen before.

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A month ago, Canada invited another 5,000 Express Entry applicants to apply for Canadian permanent residency, which brings the total number of invitations received through the Canadian government in the last year to 102,350. This is the most significant number of invitations issued in one year via the Express Entry system.

In the coming year, we anticipate that this pattern will continue and that more new immigrants than ever before will be given a chance to travel through the Express Entry system.

  1. Online Education: International students adjust to Online Education

Before the outbreak in the year 2000, there was twice the number of students who took online college courses as those who attended courses in person. Since the COVID outbreak, this number has increased significantly. 1.6 billion students around the world finished their schooling online.

In recent years, the Canadian administration has been trying to ensure that students studying from a distance can still enjoy the same opportunities as those in Canada. Under normal circumstances such as taking many online classes, failing to attend the school term or taking classes part-time could prohibit or even disqualify students from receiving a Working Permit for Postgraduates following graduation.

International students who are not from Canada can use that time in applying for the Post-Graduate Working Permit (PGWP). This applies to all students abroad who begin their studies with an accredited Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) at distant locations until likely Spring of this year.

  1. Canada contributes funds to an upgrade of the immigration system.

Over the next five years, Canada is expected to invest $750.3 million to improve and improve the Canadian Immigration system. The extra money will aid in implementing Canada’s immigration program that could welcome as many as 1.2 million immigrants over greater than 3 years.

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Canada will refresh the heavy and dated Paper-based Global Case Management System to an advanced computerized platform to achieve this goal. As stated by the Federal government, the new system will improve operations efficiency, customer administration, and program integrity.

Immigrants can look forward to faster processing times and an easier way to provide documents quickly!

The year 2021, which is amid its completion, is proving to be incredible in Canadian immigration. The Canadian government vowing to allow more international than ever before, there’s perhaps never been a better time to consider the possibility of becoming a part of Canada your ideal home!

Improved application’s Processing Time

If you’ve already started the immigration process through IRCC, You must know that the time to process has dramatically grown. What exactly is this? Before the pandemic, the average wait time to complete the entire Express Entry applications was approximately 8 months. Since 2020, this has nearly doubled, resulting in backlogs of applications. The situation is currently improving, and the issue will be resolved by 2022.


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