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Farm Supervisor Needed at Sooch Farm Incorporation, Canada – Apply Now

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Agriculture and farming are among the most lucrative industries, and they provide permanent jobs in Canada and offer jobs to many foreign workers and Canadian citizens. The Canadian government understands the importance of the agriculture sector in Canada, which is why they are focusing more effort on bringing farmers to Canada this year.

This area of study offers individuals with a variety of food items, industry-grade raw materials alternatives to energy sources, and other resources necessary to sustain the country’s economy for the long term. They also contribute to the development of the global economy.

There’s never been a better time to get started working in the agriculture sector in Canada, especially if you’re interested in or are searching for the ideal job in the area of Agriculture. The old days of careers in agriculture were as dull as working in the sun, waiting for the farm’s product to increase in size.

The current trend has changed in multiple ways that many opportunities have emerged over the past few years, giving immigrants, students and others plenty of job options to pick from.

Jobs in Canada Description

Farm Supervisor Needed at Sooch Farm Incorporation, Canada

Job Location: Stayner, Ontario, Canada

Organization: Sooch Farm Inc

Employer Type Full-time

Remuneration/Salary Salary/Remuneration pay rate is $20:00 an hour for 30-40 working hours per week.

Languages: English Language

Experience Between 7 and one year

Education word “college” refers to an institution of higher learning, CEGEP, or other certificates or diplomas that do not come from a particular school. It spans from one year or two.

Specific Skills -Field Crops: Vegetable Culling

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Experience using Equipment and Machinery Harvester Tractor for vegetable harvesters Harvesters

Additional Skills

  • Perform general farm duties;
  • Operate and maintain equipment as well as farm machines;
  • Keep track of the work you do and keep logs
  • Employ and educate employees

Affinity Region, The field of expertise is agricultural Crop Service.

Sort of Farm Operations

  • Combination farming for fruits and vegetables
  • Organic Farming

Tools you own and equipment Safety footwear with steel toes gloves and footwear

Work Site Environment: Outdoors, Odours, and Dusty

physical and work conditions

  • The atmosphere is lively and exhilarating.
  • Work under stress
  • Physically challenging
  • Attention to detail
  • A mixture of sitting, standing and walking
  • Large workload
  • Tight deadlines

Job Location Information Location: Rural area

Agricultural Service Contractors Specific Skills

  • Discuss with customers the provision of services
  • Maintain financial and production records
  • Provide agricultural crop services like ploughing or irrigation cultivation spraying, harvesting or ploughing
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of biosecurity and safety protocols for farms
  • Programmes to fertilize the soil

Farm Specific Skills for Supervisors

  • Maintain quality control and record production details
  • Coordinate, supervise and oversee tasks of general farm labourers and harvesting labourers.
  • Work schedules and set guidelines.
  • Monitor and supervise breeding programs as well as related programs for livestock.
  • Supervise and monitor the growth process and other activities related to crop production.
  • Make sure that biosecurity and safety methods have been implemented.

Personal Suitability

  • Join a team
  • You should be proficient in communicating in your native language.
  • Stay organized

Landscape and Horticulture Specialists and Technicians” Specific Skills

  • Harvesting seedlings
  • Mixing fertilizer
  • Tying
  • Weeding
  • Seed cutting
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Employment Groups

This job provides the same opportunities for every job-seeker, not just people who self-identify themselves as members in the categories listed below: Indigenous people migrants to Canada, Minorities known to the general public and youth.

Job Validation

The advertisement for the job is up to date until 16th February 2021.

Applicant Method

The process for applying is through email. Send your CV and contact details to the email address listed below.

It is vital to know that only applicants who can legally work in CanadaJobs Canada are qualified in applying for this job. If you do not have an employment permit or aren’t authorized to work in Canada, This company will not consider your application.



If you are a farmer, and you have been looking for an opportunity to immigrate to Canada, then comsider applying for this Farm Supervisor Needed at Sooch Farm Incorporation, Canad job. Once you start the process, make sure you read through this guide to put you through.

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