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How to Get a US Work Visa from Africa

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A US immigration law permits Africans to be employed in the US for a short period as non-immigrants. The process on How to Get a US Work Visa from Africa has a lot of requirements, with the most crucial being that you have already made scheduled appointments with a firm in the US, particularly if this is the first time you’ve worked there.

The company also has to submit a petition that must be accepted from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the US before you are able to begin the process of applying for a work visa.

In this article, we’re going to look at the different types of work visas and the process of applying for visas.

Job Visa Descriptions, as well as Qualifications

H-1B (speciality occupation)

If you’re entering the US for services performed for a job that is professional then you’ll need the H-1B Visa. Additionally, you will need an undergraduate degree or higher in the field of study to be considered for approval. Employers must submit a labour condition form to the Department of Labor detailing the specifics of their contract of employment with you.

H-1B1 Temporary Work Visas based on the Treaty of Paris Visas

This kind of visa is available only for Chilean as well as Singaporean citizens as a result of the Free Trade Agreements between both countries.

H-2A (seasonal agricultural workers)

If you have an H-2A visa you are able to apply for temporary agricultural positions where U.S. workers are not available. Employers are required to file Formula I-129, a petition of the non-immigrant worker on behalf of the applicant.

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Visa H-2B (skilled and untrained workers)

If you’re attempting to complete an interim job in the US in which there’s an absence of U.S. workers, you must make an application to obtain an H-2B Visa. Your employer must apply for a Department of Labor certification confirming that there aren’t enough skilled U.S. workers to fill the job being provided to you.

H-3 (trainee)

An H-3 visa is needed for non-immigrants entering the US to be trained by employers in any area for a duration of two years or more. You may be compensated for your education but it can’t be used for providing work that is productive.

H-4 (dependents)

This kind of visa is provided to spouses and children who are younger than 21 years old to travel with you to the US. It is necessary to be a primary owner of an H visa that is valid and your family members won’t be permitted to work.

L-1 (intra-company transferees)

The L-1 visa is given to employees of multinational companies that are temporarily transferred to a subsidiary or parent company of the same firm located in the US.

L-2 (intra-company transferees)

This kind of visa is available to spouses and children who are not married who are younger than 21 years old to travel with you to the US. You must be the principal owner of an active L visa. Your spouse can apply for employment authorization however, they must be able to enter the country with their individual L-2 visa.

Other work visa types

  1. (foreign citizens with exceptional abilities)
  2. P (artists entertainers, artists)
  3. Q (international cultural exchange participant)
  4. “R” (religious worker)
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Requirements for getting US Work Visa from Africa

How to Get a US Work Visa from Africa

  1. Complete the non-immigration visa online application (DS-160). The application can be completed on the internet.
  2. You must have a valid passport in the United States. The United States. The passport must be valid for validity dates that are at least six months after the duration of your time.
  3. Upload a recent 5cm by 5cm image.
  4. You must pay the non-refundable non-immigrant processing fee. This fee is payable by cash or credit card at any GTBank. branch, or pay online in the event you have a GTBank account. The fee for visa applications is $190.
  5. You must present an appointment form in order to verify your interview appointment.
  6. Academic credentials that show you’re qualified to work.
  7. Letter from previous and current employers describing your job and duties.


This article can be a guide for you in understanding the various kinds of US work visas, as well as how to apply for work permits in the US. In getting a work visa you must make sure to know the above-mentioned requirements. follow the rules mentioned above to receive a visa.

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