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How to Migrate to Canada With a 3rd Class Degree

Many students inquire in regards to the possibility to move to and study in Canada with the second class lower or a third-class degree. It’s a frequent issue that graduates planning to continue the course of study in Canada are likely to have to ask. A majority of students have a goal of graduating with a first-class or upper second-class degree.

But, we don’t achieve everything we wish for and some students finish with the equivalent of a 2.2 or a 3rd-class degree. In the past, universities in Canada were not able to allow students to move to Canada and pursue a master’s degree directly, even with a 3rd-class degree. The only option was to apply for a Post Graduate Diploma, Certification Program, or Post-degree certificate.

It is possible to think of relocating and furthering your studies to earn a postgraduate degree within Canada with a 3rd-grade degree. Before we look at the idea of moving and taking classes in Canada we’ll briefly take a look at the reasons Canada is a favourite destination for students from abroad.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad for students from abroad. Canada provides top-quality, research-oriented education that is globally recognized. Canada is extremely secure, secure, and extremely accommodating to students from all over the world.

Canada is considered to be one of the top nations to live in and supports human development. A large number of international students are accepted to study at Canadian universities each year, and several universities are among the top 100 worldwide.

The main question is whether you are able to actually pursue your master’s level with an advanced degree at the Canadian university.

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How to Migrate to Canada With a 3rd Class Degree

How to Migrate to Canada With a 3rd Class Degree

You must provide the following as in your applications

  • A form for application, the form must be properly completed: Forms are typically completed on the internet.
  • A certified duplicate of your transcripts and other qualifications from your education.
  • A CV
  • English or French proficiency test in the language in accordance with the program you are applying for as well as the province.
  • Recommendation letters/references
  • Personal statement or motivation letter

Students from other countries who have attended post-secondary school outside of Canada may be required to go to an evaluation to check and verify the academic documentation that they have submitted.

Be aware that you’re required to pay an international fee for the evaluation of your credential unless you have already received an international credential evaluation from a third-party report.

The application that you filled out will be evaluated to determine if you have met all of the prerequisites. Then, it’s delivered to the faculty or school who will perform their own evaluation to determine the academic merit of your application to your preferred program.

Candidates who are successful will be issued an admission letter that must be signed for the ability to be granted a visa to Canada. Below is the list of universities to which you are able to apply and be able to migrate from Canada with a 3rd-class degree.

List of universities you are able to apply to and move to Canada if you have a 3rd class degree

  • University Of Waterloo, Ontario
  • McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • University Of Toronto, Ontario
  • Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.
  • Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Universite DE Montreal, Quebec
  • McMaster University
  • Universite DU Quebec
  • University Of Windsor
  • Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
  • Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal
  • University Of Western Ontario
  • McMaster University
  • University Of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
  • University Of Victoria, B.C.
  • York University
  • University Of Calgary, Alberta
  • University Of Saskatchewan
  • Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal
  • University Of Western Ontario
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This is not an exhaustive list of all universities that are located in Canada that accept degrees of 3rd class. As mentioned above, the majority of institutions in Canada accept degrees with a 2:1. Another option for 3rd-class degrees is the fact that a majority of the above universities allow you to pursue a postgraduate degree before transferring to an MSc degree in Canada.


The likelihood of you moving to Canada as a third class degree holder is contingent on a variety of aspects, including the institution you choose to attend, the course you prefer, your personal statement of motivation for moving to Canada for study and work, your reference letter and more.

Be aware that moving from Canada with a 3rd-class degree to attend any university you want to attend isn’t an easy feat. There are only a handful of universities that are willing to accept you into an online master’s program with a 3rd degree. A little luck is also required.




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