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How To Migrate To Canada Without Taking The IELTS Test

Many people are asking whether they can move into Canada with or without IELTS, “YES” you are able to move to Canada without IELTS. The IELTS has caused a number of issues for international students. Many people believe that it’s too costly, while those from the countries that speak English believe it’s completely unfair.

Canada is a bilingual country with two languages. English is the primary one, while French is the other. Canada will only accept foreigners who are proficient in the English language, which is why they put a large importance on the IELTS test, it is an English test for language proficiency. you on your English proficiency.

The Canadian government would like to ensure that all newcomers are able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the English language, allowing them to converse fluently with natives. The ability to communicate in French is also an option. It is possible to still move to Canada in the event that you don’t wish to be required to pass the English test or the French test. Learn more about how to get from Canada and not need IELTS.

How To Migrate To Canada Without Taking The IELTS Test

How To Migrate To Canada Without Taking The IELTS Test

1. Search for colleges and universities that don’t need IELTS.

One way to move to Canada without taking the IELTS is to look for schools that do not require IELTS tests. The Canadian Embassy doesn’t need to take the test, but it is colleges and universities that do require English competency tests. If you are able to search for a university that doesn’t need international students to present an IELTS certificate you can, then you stand the chance of moving to Canada.

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Google can assist you in your search. Here are leading universities that don’t need IELTS

  • University of Regina
  • Carleton University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Cambrian College
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Seneca College, Toronto.

2. You can get an English Proficiency Certificate

Schools in Canada are currently offering international students a different option. The English proficiency certificate may be used in lieu of the IELTS. It’s quite simple to get if your previous classes were conducted in English. The only thing needed is to apply for your certificate and utilize it as evidence of English proficiency. This is an alternative for the IELTS.

3. By  Applying  for a Canada work permit

A large portion of people does not know that you are able to apply for a Canadian job permit even without IELTS. As mentioned above, IELTS is only a means to check your English proficiency to see whether you are able to communicate with other people while you’re in Canada. The only thing you need to travel to Canada to work is the work authorization. In order to obtain a Canadian working permit, the first step to do is to secure an employment offer from a reputable Canadian employer.

This step is only effective in the event that your Canadian employer does not request the IELTS score. But, a lot of employers in Canada don’t require it.

4. You can take an online English Language Course

One of the main reasons that people do not like having to take the IELTS is the fact that it’s very expensive and needs a lot of planning necessary to pass the tests with success. You can enrol in an online English language class online instead of IELTS. It’s much simpler and cheaper than IELTS. It also doesn’t provide the standard needed for an exam pass. The certificate is used to prove English proficiency and is widely accepted. It is possible to search on the internet and find a variety of websites offering English instruction in English.

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5. Utilize the Alternatives to IELTS

As we’ve mentioned, most people are not keen on the IELTS due to its cost and the time required for conducting the exam. There are many options for those who aren’t able to afford or do not want to take IELTS. IELTS test.

Have you heard about the Duolingo English Test (DET)? It is a recognized international English test for language proficiency in a variety of countries and, luckily, Canada is among the countries. The Duolingo test can be completed at home online, provided you have a reliable internet connection and a computer with a front-facing camera, microphone, an audio device, and a browser that works. The test is simple and inexpensive. It takes less than a half-hour to complete. the results will be available within two days.

Other options to the IELTS that are accepted by Canada are English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL). Some universities also provide their own test, similar to IELTS. Intensive English Language Program (IELP).


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