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Top 7 Jobs For Foreigners in Dubai

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In today’s Edition today, you’ll be learning about the variety of Jobs For Foreigners in Dubai This is why we have named it one of the top seven jobs available in Dubai specifically for international applicants. This article will be an excellent opportunity for those who have been seeking ways to make money from small tasks you’re competent at.

Why Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

Jobs For Foreigners in Dubai

These are jobs none of the UAE citizens will ever take, and unless a non-U.S. citizen is willing to take them on, they are not supervised.

List Of Jobs For Foreigners in Dubai


  • Waiter/Waitress

Jobs For Foreigners in Dubai

Dubai can be described as a city that is full of Restaurants. Having lived in Dubai for a while, I can say at least two restaurants in each street. The result is that there is a need for the kitchen to cook and cater to the customers who dine at these places.

In Dubai, the waiter in Dubai is hired to assist customers and ensure that they receive whatever they need, which is provided at the restaurant.

How Much Does A Waiter Earn In Dubai?

As a writer living in Dubai, you are likely to make a decent income. The main factor determining how much you earn the type of contract you’ve signed with the manager you work for.

The lowest I’ve ever seen a waiter earn in Dubai is 1500Dhs. This is, of course, for a restaurant that provides two square meals, lodging, and medical insurance.

But, I also know of a waiter who gets paid 2000Dhs in a restaurant where he lives in his own home, cooks his food and treats himself when he’s sick.

  • Cleaner

Cleaning is a profession that requires a lot of effort. You are sure to find work wherever people live. This could include a Hotel or Residential Building, Restaurants and government Offices, a Metro station, Airport, Environmental Agencies, Cleaning Companies, etc.

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Cleaners are required as they assure that the environment is clean and shining. Dubai is one of the cities where cleanliness is essential for all.

I recall a particular time. Dubai Municipality had to fine an eatery nearby because the kitchen was filthy! In light of these fines, any business would not want to work in an unclean place, so cleaning services are highly crucial in Dubai.

What is the average amount a cleaner can earn in Dubai?

As a first step, the salary you earn could range from 1000 to 1800 Dhs.

You could earn anywhere from 1000 to 1200 Dhs If the company offers accommodation. Some companies also provide meals and medical insurance since health is the main factor in wealth.

  • Kitchen Assistant

A Kitchen Aide is of the top seven jobs available in Dubai that are open to foreigners. As I said earlier, Dubai is a city with a wide range of eateries and restaurants. There is a demand for kitchen workers who cook meals and ensure that the kitchen is managed correctly.

How Much Does Kitchen Assistant Earn In Dubai?

Based on your previous knowledge, an average kitchen assistant can earn up to 2000Dhs within Dubai. It all depends on your experience and your negotiation with your employer. However, other employers might provide better benefits.

There always will be a distinction between the pay scales of Company A and that of Company B.

  • Drivers

Drivers are among the next class of professionals that are always demanded when Dubai is involved. Besides being a destination for tourists, Dubai remains one of the most populated cities around the globe; therefore, the need for moving companies is increasing.

Drivers are in high demand in firms, Construction Firms, etc. If you’re a driver, you’re eligible to apply for among the best seven jobs available in Dubai for foreigners.

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How Much Does A Driver Earn In Dubai?

To begin, you can earn as much as 2500Dhs each month. However, as time passes by, your earnings will increase. This would depend on the contract between your employer and you!

A Driver working for a construction company, Government Establishment, earns more than 2500Dhs. I believe the establishment you work for has a say in the amount you are in the final month of each month.

  • Construction Assistant

Since Dubai continues to be a growing city, where the real estate industry expands, there is a need for construction assistants or workers. Their primary work is on construction sites, where they have to perform various tasks ranging from excavation to lifting construction materials.

Notice: Construction work in Dubai isn’t an easy task. If you’re not familiar with construction before arriving in Dubai and you are not used to structuring, you might not have a smooth ride for the coming months.

How much do Construction Assistants Earn in Dubai?

If you are a laborer, you could earn as little as 1100Dhs when accommodation is provided for the duration of your stay.

Dubai law requires that all construction firms have an office for staff. However, this doesn’t mean you will die with a salary of 1000Dhs. There is and always will be the possibility of growth wherever you are. When you’re working, you should also consider different opportunities in your area of employment.

You may get promoted to Foreman If you’re willing and can understand the procedures on the job!

  • Security Guards

Another of the top seven jobs in Dubai for foreigners is a Security Job. Like Drivers, security employees are needed to protect hotels, construction sites, companies, etc.

One of the things that can deter foreigners living in Dubai is the high price of obtaining security jobs, which could range from 4500-5000 Dhs.

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How Much Does Security Guards Earn in Dubai?

The lowest I have seen the security officer earn Dubai is 170Dhs per month. However, in this arrangement, accommodation and food were elements of the contract.

  • Dispatch Rider

Dispatchers are required in Dubai. The significance of the role of Dispatch Riders in Dubai society cannot be understated. They maintain services and transport other things closer to where they’re required. Dispatching Riding is an excellent job for foreigners that can earn plenty of cash in Dubai.

I know a coworker who rides for two companies, which means that there are two streams of earnings.

As an average Dispatch driver, you might be charged for delivering processed food to clients, Packages, Groceries, etc.

How Much Does Dispatch Rider Earn In Dubai?

Dispatchers are usually required to carry their own driver’s license and be on their Visas. These permits will help you earn at the very least 2200Dhs monthly.

Another reason to increase your earnings is when the business has no accommodation for you. You could ask them to add cash to your paycheck because you’ll also have to pay for housing. The Dubai experience is an added benefit.


The information herein as a salary is just an average and is based on the number of money employees in the companies I worked for are paid every month!

Be aware that your business might be more than generous.

Your company might have a policy on payments that differs from my company’s.

The stated salary amount does not include Overtime (OT) that is calculated and then added to the agreed base salary.

This is all I have on the top 7 jobs in Dubai for foreigners.

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