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Step By Step Guide to Getting Accommodations In Canada

You’ve decided to relocate to Canada and reside there, find an occupation, and begin your life as fast as possible. The first step is to find accommodation. And foremost step for every newcomer to or is about to enter Canada.

Before we go through the Step By Step Guide to Getting Accommodations In Canada that will last for a long time, we’ll start by looking at the list of things to consider before arrival, such as what should you bring, where you will be staying, what’s the atmosphere is there any good job opportunities available in the region and where can I deposit my money, etc. Please don’t be worried; we’ll help you through the process.

Step By Step Guide to Getting Accommodations In Canada

Step By Step Guide to Getting Accommodations In Canada


Before Arrival Checklist

Before you depart from your home country for Canada, There are some documents, things, and agreements that you must ensure you have before your departure to avoid any glitches and problems.

Below are some essential documents that you should carry:

  • Birth or adoption certificates are not required. documents
  • Family documents (such as marriage certificates or divorce decrees)
  • Records of medical care (such ones for immunizations)
  • Dental records
  • Accredited school records for children (if you are concerned)
  • Degrees, diplomas, and transcripts
  • Allusion letters from former employers and current employers (if relevant)
  • Trade licenses or expert certifications or certification certificates
  • Resume or work experience that has been updated Summary
  • Valid driver’s licenses or any other ID document
  • Car registration documents (if there is any)
  • Getting A Temporary Accommodation in Canada
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If you are a newcomer to an unfamiliar country, you must consider a suitable location to stay for a few nights or days before acquiring your own house. There are several excellent motels, hotels, and hostels waiting for travelers in Canada.

Make sure to research accommodations before leaving your home country. You want to find the best but not always the most costly. Look for a hotel with an affordable price and a comfortable place to rest in.

Renting an Apartment or House in Canada

There are a variety of options for accommodation in Canada. These could be homes or condominiums as well as apartments.

You could rent the whole home or be divided into multiple units. Splitting into two units is called a duplex, and three-unit divisions are known as triplex. There is a possibility of a room for yourself, or you can share (a room that has bathrooms).

On the other hand, a house may vary from a single-room apartment (where you’re given only one room which serves as a bedroom and living space) to one with several bedrooms and separate living spaces.

Don’t get lost; you may still have to pay other charges like water, electricity, etc., depending on the home that you’re paying for. Certain homes already pay the charges before moving in, whereas others do not.

What to Expect When renting in Canada

  • Landlords usually ask for information about you to make sure that you are in a position to pay rent—examples of documents that can be required: Pay-slips or other documents showing the income.
  • Bank statements with evidence of enough funds to pay for the first couple of weeks of renting.
  • A letter of reference from a previous landlord stating that you are a good tenant who paid rent in time.
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If you don’t have a credit score and haven’t worked in a while in the past, landlords are often cautious about lending them their property, which could be a hassle for those new to the area. However, it is essential to keep searching until you meet a reputable landlord (but you should at a minimum prove that you have enough cash in your account at the bank, or you could offer to pay for the first few months ahead).

The rental process usually begins at the beginning of each month (sometimes, some apartments are available until the 15th). It is recommended to arrive two weeks before the close of the month. This means you can look through and locate the ideal home for you. You must pay at least 50% of your monthly rent to secure a security deposit for all rental properties in Canada.

The majority of rentals in Canada aren’t furnished. To find the most affordable prices for furniture (second-hand), make sure you wait until the last day of June. In Quebec, for instance, it is the custom that leases start on the 1st day of July and run until the end of June. Be aware of this when deciding the day you will move.

In most provinces/territories, Landlords have the right to increase the rent every 12 months, but they have to advise you usually 90 days before the increase, and the government limits the increase.

Make sure you are aware of your rights as a tenant and obligations. These depend on the province that you intend to relocate to. 

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Things to be kept in your mind:

  • A house to rent in Canada typically begins on the first day of every month. There is less selection available on the 15th of every month. Consider your trip by keeping this in mind to ensure a good selection of options.
  • It is recommended to be there 2 weeks before the month’s end to have time to learn more about the area and locate suitable apartments or houses for rent in Canada.
  • Rental homes and apartments in Canada require at least half of the rent per month to give an advantage.
  • The majority of rental accommodations located in Canada are not fully furnished.
  • Be aware of your rights as a tenant. Be familiar with the laws governing occupancy within the province where you plan to stay.
  • Be aware so that you don’t fall to scammers who plan to trick people into making deposits on homes that don’t exist.
  • Beware of false advertisements when you are looking for accommodations in Canada.



Before considering getting accommodations in Canada, take your time to read through this guide as we have listed some important documents and other lawful  things to do while renting an apartment in canada

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