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Traveling to USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

Do you plan to visit the U.S.A? You’ll need ample funds if you are looking to experience the very best that experiences the United States of America has to provide. Instead of imagining trips towards Grand Canyon or Disneyland, instead think about a trip to Grand Canyon or the magical marvels of Disneyland. Take pen and paper because we can help you make the ideal budget for your trip to the U.S.

No matter the reason behind organizing a trip like this, There are some essential aspects you’ll require cash to pay for. We’ve listed all potential and estimated expenses to help you create the ideal budget for your getaway, honeymoon, or an individual trip across the U.S.

Traveling to USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

Traveling to USA: How Much in Total Do You Need?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to visit for extra extras or explore the tourist attractions in one of the top nations in the world, and you’ll need to budget for the following within your budget.

Travel and Visa Cost

If you don’t plan on smuggling through the U.S., You will need to enter the country by plane. It is perhaps the most well-known method of doing so. However, it’s also costly. A flight between Lagos in Nigeria to the U.S. costs anywhere between $500-$1,000 based on the class of the flight and when you purchase the ticket. Tourist visas will cost $160, which increases the total cost.


When you arrive on U.S. ground, you’ll require a roof over your head, a comfortable mattress to ease your knees and a place for your luggage. If your stay is not with a family member or close friend in the U.S. and you are not staying with a family member or friend, you must consider an apartment or hotel room.

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The budget for your stay should be between at least $40-$300 per night, based on the level of luxurious experience you’re hoping to enjoy. You can determine how comfy your accommodation will be, based on your budget when you book on the internet. Look over the accommodations and packages to see what you require before deciding. In the case of accommodation, particularly for tourists and visitors, A larger budget will mean greater convenience.


In the U.S., You can pick between a rental vehicle or public transport. You’ll be better off using public transportation, such as trains or taxis.

If you’re planning to use public transportation, you must be prepared for additional fees. Airport surcharges are virtually impossible to avoid, as most drivers will charge more to pick you up at the airport station. Also, it would help if you were on the lookout during peak times when demand is more significant. You’ll be paying more during peak times.


Food is essential, and there are plenty of cheap restaurants, especially in a city such as New York. There is, however, an essential distinction between good food, meals, and good food. If you plan to depend on Chinese food or pizza, you may want to boost your budget to sample the delicious foods available in the U.S. It is possible to save just a few dollars while still enjoying a decent dinner if you stay in a hotel that provides these deals. A meal for one person at a fast-food establishment is priced between $5 and $10, but it could go up to $50 at the best restaurant.

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What Does it cost to travel to the U.S.A.?

A single day of travel, including your visa and airfare cost for a single-way trip, can spend $720-$1,610 on your journey into the U.S. A trip lasting 3 days will come with the return flight, and therefore you need to budget between $1,350 to $3,410.

This does not include visiting various places, taking a sightseeing tour and visiting amusement parks or anything else you want to do during your time travelling in the U.S.

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