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Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit

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A Canadian job permit is a form of a document issued to you by your government allowing the worker to live in Canada. Anyone who does not have the authorization to work in Canada is not allowed to earn an income while in Canada, which is why it is crucial to obtain an employment permit.

However, some jobs don’t need a work permit in Canada. Research has revealed that foreigners can earn money doing specific tasks without having a permit.

Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit

Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit

Many jobs don’t require a permit to work in Canada. Below you’ll find some which do not require a permit to work.

More Jobs:

Farm Work

It needs to be done on a volunteer basis (this implies that you may not receive a salary). You will need to be in the country only for visits to do this job.

Military Personnel

The funds are only allocated to the military. Armed military personnel can only enter the country upon orders, and they must be officially authorized. It is allowed under the conditions in the Visiting Forces Act.

Athlete or Coach

This is only the case when you are an international coach you are competing in a contest that you take part in Canada. The athlete or coach is exempt from having the right to work.

This includes the athletes as well as the coaches of foreign teams.

Note: The athletes part of the Canadian team require a work permit.

Business Visitor

Before you can get your hopes up, you should know what this signifies. When you’re a business tourist, you must be working for official purposes on behalf of your company, and your workplace and the source of your income must be outside of Canada. It is not a valid reason to be on the Canadian labour market as a business traveller.

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This job is offered without a work permit issued in Canada. If you are certified to offer spiritual guidance and handle ceremonies during religious occasions, you’ll be granted the right to do so. It would help if you were ordinarily licensed minister or priest to qualify as a person in this exemption category.


Some artists are not allowed for performance in Canada. However, you are eligible to perform you meet the following qualifications:

  1. If you’re performing for a specified amount of time
  2. It is not advisable to seek employment in the Canadian labour market.
  3. Must be the person with the exemption permit or an essential crew member.
  4. Do not participate or anchor any show on any media company, radios, televisions, or movies.

Public speaker

Public speakers coming into Canada are also permitted to speak in Canada, provided that the event or seminar is not more than five days. Therefore it is not permitted to disrupt the labour market nor attempt to obtain employment.

Civil Aviation Inspector

Flights that take you from one place to another need to be scrutinized, and if you fall in the above category, you may be disqualified from operating without a permit to work. This position permits you to check security in the cabin and conduct international flight operations.

Aviation Accident or Incident Investigator

If an accident happens and requires assistance from foreigners to investigate the incident, they do not require an employment permit. This is because the Canadian Transportation Accident and Safety Board Act approves it. Therefore, foreigners can perform their job without fear of harassment.

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Implied Status

This is only applicable for those that renewed their permits before the expiry date while employed in Canada, so they cannot be harassed.

Student On-Campus Work

Students can work in their school without working permits. Perhaps to work as a research assistant, teaching assistant, or help the lecturers.

Student Off-Campus Work

Students who are granted a valid study permit must adhere to these guidelines;

  1. Therefore, they should not spend greater than twenty hours a week during the academic year.
  2. They are only allowed to work full time during scheduled holidays(winter and the summer).

Note: This requirement affects students who work on campus.

Judges, Referees, and Other Officials

Foreign nationals travelling to Canada for anchoring festivals, events, sports or contests are exempt from the law and may work with no permission.

Note on Fraudulent Job Offers

Be wary of fraudsters and scammers; therefore, research the company on the internet after receiving an offer. Most importantly, make sure you do not give any money to anyone.


Here we explained some Jobs you can get without a work permit in Canada, especially as a foreigner who came to stay in Canada for a particular period or wants to reside in Canada. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates on jobs in Canada.

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