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Where and How to Pay Your Canada Visa Fee

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How do you pay for a payment for fees within Canada when you are an international student studying in Canada? A student from outside the country who is eager to travel to learn in Canada should first secure an admission offer from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada. It is not possible to obtain a study permit if you have not already paid for your tuition. Certain universities in Canada will allow students to pay tuition from within Canada. Still, most other universities require that you pay the tuition through the country you are from.

Where and How to Pay Your Canada Visa Fee

Where and How to Pay Your Canada Visa Fee

If you already live in Canada or are currently studying in Canada, there is another payment option than students from outside Canada. The fee on the notice of acceptance is sent to you by the institution once you’ve been accepted.

The school will indicate the amount you have to pay to pay the fee in the letter. Some of it might pay for a single semester, then the balance in the second semester if you’re already located in Canada. It is recommended that you be able to pay a minimum semester fee, even if it does not state it in the letter.

This will help increase your chances of being accepted when applying for a study visa. Apply for study visas. Whatever you decide to do, please verify whether your school has a return policy and whether it’s 100% if the visa application is denied due to one or more reasons. Discover the main reasons that your student visa could be denied.

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Short Term Visa Application Fees

The cost for the short-term non-immigrant visa is 100 Canadian dollars (Canadian dollars). This applies to the Biometric Transaction Registration Fee for these types of visas will be 85 Canadian dollars. The fee for consulting is the equivalent of 86 USD (US Dollars).

Biometric Transaction Registration Fee: This is the cost of a fingerprint receipt and a digital photograph taken during the time of application. (2 biometric images requested in the application differ from the one shown and are required.)

If you’re applying as a family (5 members or more significant), you’ll need to pay 500 Canadian dollars in visa fees. All the family members have to apply simultaneously to the same address in this situation.

If the family (2 individuals or more excellent) Biometric Transaction Registration Fee will be 100 CAD.

Long Term Visa Application Fees

The cost for long-term educational visa applications is 150 dollars. The fee for biometric transaction registration is estimated at 85 CAD, and the consultancy Service Fee is 99 USD.

Long-term Canada visa applications can’t be processed via Visa Center. Visa Center. It is easy to determine the long-term Canada visa costs for IRCC by going to and following the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs. There is a separate fee for each type of visa. The most comprehensive information at

Payment Options from outside Canada

WU(r) GlobalPay is for Students.

It is among the most efficient payment gateways available to international students studying living abroad, and it is affordable and lets you pay using your home country’s currency.

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How to Pay When You’re Paid

  • It is necessary to visit the website and make sure you complete the necessary information correctly.
  • Select your preferred payment method, and then select the products you’d prefer to purchase. You can be paid either in Canadian dollars or American dollars if your currency in your country isn’t available.
  • You can enter your payment details if you are the one paying or input the details of the paying person. You can make payments online banking, print the details of your payment or invoice, and then go to the bank to complete payment.
  • The bank or union will deposit money to the student account or the University’s account based on your selected account.

Payment Option from within Canada

  • It’s faster to pay through the web in Canada. Going to the bank is often anxiety. But why bother when you can pay your charges online, just as you do your bill
  • If you’re in school, you already have an account at a bank. Every banking institution comes with its banking application, so sign into your bank account.
  • Choose your school as the payee.
  • Utilize your student ID number as your account number. Or the account number that is issued to you by your institution.
  • Pay in the manner you prefer. It can take anywhere from between 3 and 5 days.


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